November 6, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Ethereum Price Predictions for 2018: The Future of the Best Altcoin

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There is a lot of internet chatter about Bitcoin. Bitcoin price has crossed over $7300 and the price is expected to keep surging till $10,000. However, Ethereum is the cryptocurrency which has a lot of potential. It’s the cheapest reliable cryptocurrency you can buy right now for big future gains. It’s the best alt-coin (alternative of Bitcoin). There are several predictions about Ethereum price 2018. We believe that the price of Ethereum will cross $500 in the next year, on the back of several factors discussed below.

Better and More Secure than Bitcoin

The biggest reason why analysts are bullish on the future of Ethereum is that its platform is secure. It does not directly run over Blockchain, rather it runs over Ethereum platform which is based on smart contracts apps. These smart contract apps are secure keys which go into action when certain conditions are met. This is why analysts consider Ethereum the only true decentralized cryptocurrency.

Ethereum is cheap (over $300) as compared to Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency will explode to growth as soon as it solves the internal community issues.

Amazon Taking Interest in Ethereum

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