December 6, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

Ethiopia to send a Satellite into Space in 2019

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Come next year, Ethiopia should be joining the exclusive club of African nations that have sent satellites into space. The Eastern African nation is slated to send a satellite into space sometime in September next year with the help of China.

The Ethiopian satellite is meant to help the nation track environmental changes. That is according to the Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute (ESSTI).

The main mission of this space satellite is to monitor climate change and assess environmental issues such as proper application of water resources, mining activities, and other activities related to environmental purposes,” said Solomon Belay Tessema, the Director General of ESSTI.

It is from tracking climate change that Ethiopia will be able to make informed decisions with regards to adapting to a heating climate. That entails finding new farming methods that will ensure that the country is food secure even though weather patterns keep getting worse for traditional farming practices.

Currently, the main source for weather information is from US-owned satellites. Though the information come at no cost, they are given in low resolution, which is not adequate to make a thoroughly informed decision. …read more

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