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Everyone has a #Purpose. Find yours!


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No matter who you are, you are born with a #purpose. It takes a little exploring and self-analyzing to figure out what one’s passion(s) are. Once you find it, it is up to you alone to discover what you need to do to get it off the ground and aspire to the person you want to be.
Search yourself, find your purpose, and push yourself to see your dreams realized.
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How to become the writer, director and producer of your dreams. #life #purpose

— Authors Village (@Authors_Village) March 26, 2016

There are leaders and there are followers. Create the game, or follow the rules. Your life, your choice. #purpose

— Krystal Lynn Hedrick (@KrystalHedrick) March 26, 2016

The formula that puts you in control of success #motivation #life #purpose #inspire #dream #goals

— (@foreclosure) March 26, 2016

Everyone has a #Purpose. Find yours!
Maya Johnson

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