November 19, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

Extend Partition in Windows 10, Fix Extend Volume Grayed out Issue [Guide]


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Extending a partition in Windows 10 becomes necessary when you are running out of space and want to get more space from all the unused disk areas. Sometimes at the time of installation we tend to hurry things up and do not pay attention to allocating space in our hard drive wisely. As the time passes, our C drive goes full and we have to delete stuff or get a new partition. But luckily you can extend partition in Windows 10.

Type “Disk” in Windows 10 search bar and you will get to see an option named “Create and format hard disk partitions.” Click on it.

You will now see the information and data regarding your disks, space allocated, used space, partitions and available space in the newly opened window. You will see the available space, space used and un-allocated space for every disk partition here.

If you want to extend a partition on which the Windows is not installed, the process is easy. Just right click on the partition/volume you want to extend and click on “Extend Volume.”

Now follow the on-screen instructions and click on “Select Disks” …read more

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