September 6, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

Face-Off: Android Nougat versus iOS 10

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As Apple prepares to launch its first line of devices that run its new mobile operating system, iOS 10 out of the box, Google has already hit the streets with its new mobile OS the Android Nougat (Android 7.0).

The two, Android and iOS, are the leading mobile operating system and are ever trying to outcompete each other. Although Android has a wider footprint across all market segment, iOS only appeals to the high-end consumers as its price is always a barrier to demand. That also means that a few shipments of iOS devices at high prices are equal to un-proportionately higher quantities shipments of Android devices. Android is shipped in huge amounts under the entry and middle-level smartphones.

Android Nougat versus iOS 10

Let pit Google’s best mobile OS offering versus Apple’s best mobile OS offering, and see which one carries the day. Although the comparison is not entirely fair, as each OS and OS variant performance will also depend on the hardware on which it is running. Nonetheless, the following are our comparison criteria:

User Interface

Apple will be upping the ante in its 3D touch architecture that …read more

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