April 21, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

Facebook Addicts Could Now Make Money Out Of Their Posts

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Would you describe yourself as a Facebook addict? Probably not! When was the last time you heard an alcoholic refer to them as alcoholic? They never are, until it is too late and their jobs, relationships, and responsibilities went down the drain; and now trying to recover from it.

If you are an addict of Facebook, that does not necessarily have to be a bad thing. We already know there are tons of ways you can leverage on Facebook and make money on social media; including Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube among others.

Rumors have it Facebook is considering adding a new feature that could allow you make money directly from the posts you make, through a ‘tip jar.’ Earlier, you could make money off Facebook from brands paying you to make those posts. Now, Facebook could pay you for the posts themselves that you make.

The Verge reported on Tuesday that a Facebook’s user survey gave hints on several ways people could make money on the social media including promoting a cause. The survey talks of a ‘tip jar’ branded content through which Facebook will give users a …read more

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