December 10, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

Facebook Is Dominating The World; WhatsApp And Instagram Are Helping

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To appreciate just how big Facebook has grown and continues to grow, you need to turn to big data such as the ones held by Sandvine. A company voted in “2007 as the World’s Top Intelligent Community for prosperity rooted in broadband and information technology.”

Sandvine reveals that in North America the lion share of mobile Internet traffic goes to YouTube (20%) and Facebook (16%). You should take into account that in North America the telecommunication infrastructure is well developed, widespread and affordable to the general public. So using apps like YouTube that hogs data is something that is quite common. You should also note that high-end smartphones are also a common thing in this market.

Facebook has also launched its video streaming service that is already giving YouTube a good run for its money. Other than that, Facebook has now become a primary part of people’s lives in North America.

When you come to Africa, the situation is entirely different in as far as having a well-established and widespread installation of telecommunication infrastructure goes. However, still when you look at the mobile traffic usage, the …read more

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