July 31, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

Facebook Now Allows You To Name An ‘Heir’ To Your Account When You Pass

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A new feature just rolled in by the social network giant, that enables users to appoint an ‘heir’ to their Facebook account in the event of their demise. Although this feature was initially announced early this year, it has only gone live now.

The new feature gives users the ability to appoint an executor to their Facebook account who will take over the management once they die. The ‘heir’ will be able to continue posting updates, send and receive messages, accept and cancel friend requests, upload videos and pictures, etc. just like the original owner would.

However, the ‘heir’ will not be able to read the deceased’s previous private messages, edit what they had already posted, delete what the deceased’s friends previously posted and will not be able to delete the account.

It is also now possible to have your account deleted after you have passed away. Your family or friends will have to notify Facebook of your death, for the social network to delete your account. This approach by the social network is seen as a more sensible approach when compared to the previous approach where it …read more

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