March 24, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

Fast Charge iPhone: Quickly Charge iPhone Using This Trick

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iPhone battery problems are a nuisance for every iPhone user. iPhone battery drains very quickly and the worst part is that it takes ages to charge. If you connect your iPhone to the main power source or with laptop, it takes a great deal of time to get the full charged bar. But a new free cydia tweak lets you quickly charge iPhone. Suppose you are travelling and get a chance to charge your phone only for a few minutes before hitting the road again, fast charging iPhone would be really handy. Similarly, you can quickly charge iPhone and save time in your daily routine.

Quickly Charge iPhone with Wolfram Tweak

Meet Wolfram, a free Cydia tweak for iPhones which makes the iPhone charge really quickly. How? It smartly uses the Low Power mode provided by Apple in iOS 9.

The idea may sound simple, but it is powerful. Whenever you connect iPhone to the power source with the Wolfram tweak enabled, the Low power mode is turned on by the tweak. This depletes the resource usage of the iPhone. That means that iPhone turns to the low …read more

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