June 28, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

Fast food Chains make more money out of ‘home’

Fast food Chains make more money out of ‘home'

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In Kenya, fast food chains have been ushered into the country like sinners into a church.

History claims that the initial purpose of the early fast food inns and taverns was to provide meals for travelers who were miles away from a home-cooked meal. These establishments provided a solution by designing a limited menu of food that was produced in high volumes, at high speed and at low costs…basically the farm to fork solution where both producers and consumers benefit from fast returns.

Fast forward to the 21st century and the world over is spewing with International Fast food chains and Nairobi isn’t being left behind. All of these establishments want to maximize on the disposable income from the city’s rapidly growing middle class. What was once considered a ‘treat’ has now become a regular lifestyle choice for city dwellers – from the debut of Steers and Debonairs 18 years ago, to the Inscoor franchise that houses Chicken Inn and pizza inn and now, popular American food chains such as KFC, Subway, Dominos and Coldstone are now opening branches in high traffic areas within residential and business …read more

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