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Female Techies take to #WITBragDay to prove Google’s sexist James Damore wrong

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Following a 10-page memo by James Damore, a Senior Software Engineer at Google, women in tech around the world have mixed feelings. Ranging from anger, disappointment, surprise, and outright disbelieve

In his memo, Damore said women were less qualified to work for tech companies because their biological makeup does not enable them to work efficiently. His memo led to Google CEO, Sundar Pichai to cut short his family trip to come address the issue.

Well, female techies from around the world took to social media to showcase their achievements and prove James Damore wrong. Under the hashtag #WITBragDay, women in tech under different social media platforms were flaunting their success in the tech space. You can check out some of their post listed below.

Went back to school for CS with a toddler and working 55 hrs/week at 2 jobs. Now a CS PhD @ Cortana Research @ Microsoft. #WiTBragDay

— Vanessa (@vanessa_murdock) August 11, 2017

Dropped out of college, taught myself unix and bash while pregnant. Finally got two degrees in my 30s. Still work in tech at …read more

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