December 3, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

Finally, we have a DStv Now app for Microsoft’s Xbox Gaming Console

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For a streaming app, MultiChoice DStv Now sure seems to be lagging behind in as far as availing itself readily to viewers. Until now, viewers who also play games on the Microsoft Xbox gaming console had no way of viewing content off DStv without switching from the gaming machine.

And as a gamer, I will tell you this for free, once you got yourself sitting on the couch, turn the TV and Xbox on, it very hard to switch to anything else. Even when you’re tired of wasting the ‘bad guys’ in the games, you still keep it Xbox. You don’t turn to TV channels not available outside the Xbox ecosystem, and that’s is where DStv Now has been shooting itself in the foot.

If you are not available everywhere where the eyeballs are staring at, the viewers will view what is readily available. Hence, Nextflix…

An increasing number of DStv customers are opting to use DStv Now as their primary method of getting DStv on additional TVs in the house,” reads in part, a press release by MultiChoice.

Currently, subscribers of the DStv pay channels can access the …read more

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