February 8, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

First passenger drone Ehang 184 takes flight and it’s impressive

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First debuted at the CES 2016. The Ehang 184, though at the time simply a concept human passenger drone, provided much relief from all the smartphones, tablets, computers, and giant TVs that normally takes center stage at CES.

Back then, the Ehang 184 looked more like a sci-fi movie or one of those hoax futuristic videos rampant on YouTube. However, on Monday this week, the company showed off amazing video of the Ehang 184 drone carrying an actual human.

The videos shows the drone in a test field and the company goes further to say that the aerial vehicle has so far carried 40 passengers. Some of the high profiled passengers who have flown on the drone include the company’s CEO Huazhi Hu and the mayor of Guangzhou Province, Wang Dong.

The company was also quick to point out that so far, the Ehang 184 manned drone has undergone “thousands of test flights” in the four years the company has been making it. The video above is perhaps one of the clearest footage of the manned drone in action.

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