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Five of the Oldest Mosques across East Africa

Five of the Oldest Mosques across East Africa

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Since Dr. Mark Horton led the Oxford Team in discovering the 1000 year old ruins of an old mosque on Pate Island, a lot has been written and filed on the beauty of medieval prayer houses that have since been relegated to museum display. Today, Jovago.com explores the locations and timeless beauty of some of the oldest mosques in East Africa where the faithful still answer to the call of the muazin, or which still stand as hallowed grounds of culture and heritage.

The Great Mosque of Kilwa

Although this mosque on the island of Kisiwani in Tanzania has undergone numerous facelifts since its founding in the 10th century, it still defends its position as one of the earliest yet sturdy mosques on the coast of east Africa. Kilwa was a great trading port and a meeting point for European explorers, Arabic traders as well as the Portuguese. The cosmopolitan nature of the city is well reflected in the mosque’s architecture which is roofed, upholstered and decorated in a well-balanced and blend collage that reflects her first sojourners. The mosque is part of UNESCO Heritage …read more

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