June 12, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Fix iMessage not Showing, Saying Delivered Status: Am I Blocked? [Guide]

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iMessage is one of the most popular messaging apps in iPhone, used my millions around the world daily. These days a problem is plaguing iMessage, in which the app is not showing “delivered” status to its users. Several users report that they aren’t getting delivered status in iMessage. In fact, they see “not delivered” message in red when they send a message to a specific contact. iMessage does not say or show delivered when a message is sent. A popular theory is that iMessage not showing delivered means you are blocked from the other person. In many cases this is true, and there isn’t anything that could be done in this case, apart from apologizing to your friend for whatever you did wrong. But there are some ways to fix iMessage not showing or say delivered status.

Enable Send SMS

Perhaps the biggest cause of not delivered iMessage problem is lack of iMessage app on the other end. The app will keep showing you not delivered error if the person on the other end doesn’t have iMessage app. That’s why you should enable send sms options in …read more

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