July 16, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

Fix Invalid Battery Message in Android

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Android users of LG phone are facing the issue of invalid battery message being shown. They try to charge their phone but it displays the invalid battery message and the phone turns off. The users have tried a different battery or different charger but still, the problem persists which is very annoying. Below are the solutions you can try to fix invalid battery message in Android phones.

Clean Battery Contacts

To fix invalid battery message in Android, clean the contacts of your battery with a piece of cloth. Make sure there is no particle or debris on the contacts. The contacts of a battery are the four golden strips on top of the battery. Also, clean the pins that the contacts press against. Take a needle or toothpick and gently get behind each pin to lift it out a bit. Be very gentle and careful.

Factory Reset

Go to your phone’s Settings and then go Back up and Reset. Now, uncheck automatic restore and factory reset your phone. Before you factory reset your phone, make sure you have backed up your data to prevent any loss. Another method …read more

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