March 2, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Fix Low In-Call Volume in HTC One X and other HTC Phones

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HTC One X and other HTC phone users have complained that they are facing low in-call volume. They can’t hear people on the phone and their voice also gets low and other people complain that they can’t hear the voice. You can fix low in-call volume in HTC phones using the solutions below.

Fix Low In-Call Volume in HTC One X

1- A lot of you might brush away this recommendation but there is a reason why I am putting this solution at the first place. HTC One X speaker grill holes aren’t efficiently designed. This results in deposits of dust and soil in this. We don’t observe these particles because they are small. Take a cotton bird or a pin and wrap tissue paper around it and just clean these speaker holes keenly. Spend five to ten minutes properly cleaning the speaker from the outside and inside. You can also open the HTC One X phone and clean it. You will be surprised how loud the in-call volume in HTC One X can become using this trick. You can use this trick on all other HTC …read more

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