October 23, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

Fix Mac Wakes Up From Sleep Randomly Problem

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The “Sleep” feature in Mac comes handy, especially in times when you don’t want your Mac to go completely shut, and want to keep it ON but also want to conserve the power. But thousands of Mac users have reported a problem, according to which Mac wakes up from Sleep randomly. This problem can cause frustration and various issues. You are going out for an important chore and choose to set your Mac to the Sleep mode, but come back to see that your Mac is one and awake from Sleep. Who was it? A ghost? An intruder? No! it’s a known problem and this article is about fixing it.

Fix Mac Wakes Up From Sleep Problem

Check/Unplug USB Devices

The first culprit behind the Mac wakes up randomly problem are the USB devices. Most of the users have keyboards, USB mouse device, memory sticks attached to their Macs. When the Mac is turned on Sleep mode, it is a possibility that the USB device keeps on sending signals, waking your Mac up from the sleep. The easiest way is to detach the USB devices, mouse, keyboard when …read more

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