April 28, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

Fix Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge Battery Drain Issues After Update

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Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are on their way to break sales records. But thousands of users of the new masterpieces by Samsung are reporting battery drain problems in Galaxy S7 and Edge. Battery drain problems surged after the recent updates in Galaxy S7 and Edge. You have a Galaxy S7 phone, you have Always ON feature off, and Wifi ON and then you go to sleep. You wakeup to find out that you have lost 20% of the battery. That means the phone battery drained drastically even there was no work done on it except Wifi. The problem is more common in the Snapdragon version of Galaxy S7 Edge. Galaxy S7 Edge battery drain after an update is a very common issue and users are freaking out because they have spent a fortune to get the new phone. Seeing their new phone messing up makes them worry. But cheer up! You can fix battery drain issues in Samsung Galaxy S7 by following the below-mentioned solution.

Check The Culprits

Firstly, you should know that which apps and services are taking up the battery in your phone. …read more

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