June 17, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

Fix SD Card Not Detected by Computer Problem

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SD card is perhaps the most useful gadget used by billions daily. You can transfer images, data, information, contacts between devices like computers, mobiles, cameras, tablets. The most common problem while using SD cards is that sometimes, for some reason, SD card is not detected. This could happen due to a lot of reasons. Users report that when they connect their card reader with computer, SD card is not detected. You can, however, fix SD card not detected problem very easily. Here are some of the best working solutions.

Fix SD Card Not Detected

Align the Switch on Card

You must make sure that the slider switch on the card is in the middle. There is a slider type tiny switch on the left, right or middle of the card or card reader. It must be exactly in the middle. If it is not in its position, SD card is not detected.

Clean the Pins

You must clean the pins with a clean tissue paper or cotton cloth. The pins get dirty by the time and the data reading gets a major hurdle because of this.

Check and Update Drivers

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