April 23, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

Fix WiFi Slow on Phone: Speed Up Wifi on Android Phones

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Android users are facing an issue of Wi-Fi being slow on their smart phone. Below are some solutions you can try to fix Wi-Fi slow on phone.

Wi-Fi Analyzer

Go to Google Playstore and download Wi-Fi analyzer to check if there are other Wi-Fi signals in your area that use the same channel as your router. If so, go to your router’s settings and change the channel it uses. For your router’s desired settings, check its user manual as each router has its own desired settings.

IP Address

To fix Wi-Fi slow on phone, make sure the IP Address used by your phone is not the same as any other device on your network. If it is, it means both the devices are fighting for same IP address and they will try to kick one another off the network. To check the IP address, go to your phone’s settings, then go to Wi-Fi, select your Wi-Fi network and check its IP address.

Another solution to fix Wi-Fi slow on phone is to change the DHCP IP address of the router. Log into your router and change the DHCP …read more

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