June 7, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

Fix Windows 10 Won’t Shutdown Completely and Properly

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Windows 10 is by far the best operating system launched by Microsoft. I am talking about features, interface and next generation touch screen devices’ perspective. To be honest, I still miss Windows 7. We are yet to see a simple and fast operating system as Windows 7. Windows 10 users are still going through a lot of problems due to its complexity. One such problem is that Windows 10 won’t shut down completely and properly. Many users have reported that when they go to the start menu to shut down their laptop or PC, the screen goes blank as it should after a few seconds but somehow the lights/LED don’t go off. The hard disk keeps moving and it seems the system is still working. In a nutshell, Windows 10 doesn’t shutdown. You have to actually press the physical power button to turn the computer off, which is, of course, not the right practice. In this article we will see how to fix Windows 10 won’t shutdown completely and properly problem. You can use more than one way to solve this issue. The causes of …read more

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