February 11, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Fix Xbox 360, Xbox One Games Keep Freezing, Stuck Issues [Guide]

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A lot of Xbox users are reporting that they are facing game freeze issues. Xbox One and Xbox 360 games keep freezing, resulting in annoyance and ruined gameplay experience. In this article we will give you several solutions to fix this problem.

Fix Xbox Games Freezing After A Few Minutes

1- Cleaning the disk is the first solution you should try to fix game freeze problem. Hold the disk from its edges (don’t touch the disk surface) and clean the surface with a very soft and fine cloth or a soft tissue. There is no need to apply liquids on the surface for cleaning. After cleaning, insert the disk back and run the game.

2- There is an interesting solution to fix Xbox 360 freeze and Xbox One freeze problem. This solution is for those users who think their games are freezing due to increased temperature of the console. Just put a small, portable fan on top of the console. This would decrease the temperature and provide extra outlets for exhaustion. You can also put your console on cooling pads for Xbox which are easily available in the …read more

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