December 28, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Flare Emergency Response launches Ambulance hailing service in Nairobi


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If you are ever unfortunate enough in Nairobi to require the services of an ambulance, you will be very lucky to get one pull up at your destination within an hour. Traditionally it takes about two hours. How come?

Most hospitals within the vicinity do not have an ambulance vehicle they can dispatch to get patients in need of an emergency medical attention. The hospitals that do have ambulances are few and far in between across the city. So chances are high you live on the other side of the city and will be calling on a hospital on the opposite end of the city. Before it makes its way through the Nairobi traffic, two hours might have lapsed and the patient’s situation might have deteriorated to very critical state.

However, imagine if ambulance operated like Uber taxis? You simply get online and call for one, and the ambulances don’t have to be owned by any hospitals, they just have to be affiliated to them. As it works out, good hospitals within your vicinity that do not have ambulance could sign up for such ambulance services, and …read more

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