February 20, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

Free Data access to Wikipedia will end this year

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After sunshine, knowledge is the next most important thing the human species cannot do without. The supply of both sunlight and knowledge should never be limited or denied to anyone, and that is precisely what Wikipedia Foundation stands for.

The Foundation, despite owning one of the most popular websites in the universe, chose not to put up ads. Only God knows how much ads-revenue Wikipedia will rack up if they had decided to put up ads.

The Wikipedia Foundation believes in making information freely available to anyone; and everyone. In 2012 it took another bold move of availing information free to the masses. Mozilla started partnering with mobile telecommunication service providers to provide free access to the site on mobile devices.

That partnership allowed millions of people to access Wikipedia without having to pay any mobile data on their phone. However, a lot of things have changed since 2012. The average cost of mobile data across the globe has fallen. Additionally, less and less mobile service carriers are coming forward to join the free Wikipedia access.

For such reasons, the Wikipedia Foundation has decided to pull the plug on …read more

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