December 17, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

FYI: Introducing Facebook Snooze and how it can help you

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As a Kenyan, we recently had our national elections, where various people were running for various seats. However, the presidential race was divisive, elicited a lot of strong emotions, and (again) unearth the dark sides of humanity.

One News Feed was filled with what started as political chest thumping from both sides of the political divide, then there were posts about victims of police shootings, then there were post about young innocent kids being killed. However, the worst types of post came from friends tying to give their ‘two cents’ about what’s going on.

Emotional maturity dictates not to react to such posts, as they will only lead to back and forth exchanges with no meaning. The other best alternative would be to unfriend such friends on Facebook, or even block them. Then you will have the space to view your News Feed on Facebook without getting worked up, but unfriending or blocking someone sometimes is a bit over-the-top reaction.

Not to mention that person might be someone you need to maintain communication with for either social or work related stuff. They just happen to hold a different …read more

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