July 28, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

Girls Center of Focus During Obama’s Visit to Kenya #GES2015Kenya

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I suppose it is every parent’s intention to give their children the best advantages in life. In modern life, education is one of these great advantages a parent can give to a kid. However, in Kenya for families that make do with barely enough income to sustain the family, parents are forced to play favoritism with their children.

More often than not, families that have multiple numbers of children that they need to take to school, but they can only support one or few of the children. Parents almost always pick to educate their boys instead of their girls. This situation is not just unique to Kenya; it is replicated across all other African and developing world countries.

Well, parents try to rationalize this in all sorts of ways. Some argue why should they spend so much educating their girls, only for them to be married off into another family and become part of the in-law’s family. Benefiting the in-laws with the all the education her parents worked so hard to pay school fees. Other parents go as far as viewing their girls as assets and means …read more

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