January 4, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

GMO Cotton, reasons why Kenya should or should not adopt this cash crop

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In the last few months, the debate on whether cotton farmers in Kenya should or should not adopt Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) has raved. Those who support the introduction of the GMO cotton are rooting for the Bt cotton as a cash crop farmed for its fiber and textile products only.

However, as it has already been observed in other countries with GMO cotton has been adopted. Just 40% of the produce find their way into the ginneries for textile production. The rest, secretly and illegally find their way into factories for making cottonseed oil, straw for animal feeds, and cottonseed cake.

Essentially, a big chunk of GMO cotton produced in countries that have adopted this farming technology ends up in the human food chain. The supporters of the GMO cotton further argue that the crop has been tested and confirmed safe for human consumption and the environment at large. A factually erroneous statement given the many inconclusive scientific reports on studies done on health implications of GMO crops.

Big Corporations pushing the GMO agenda down people’s throats for selfish gain

Experts have argued that GMO crops are nowhere …read more

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