June 8, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

Go SMS Pro MMS Messages Not Working on 4G LTE

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Go SMS is one of the most popular third party messaging apps used on Android devices. Billions of MMS messages are sent daily on messaging apps. But recently, many users have complained that Go SMS Pro is not sending MMS messages when the connection is shifted from Wifi to 4g LTE network. This is a very common problem. MMS messages are not sent on a mobile internet connection. Many people aren’t able to send MMS on Wifi even but we will discuss that problem in another article. You can fix Go SMS Pro not sending MMS messages on 4G LTE using the methods described in this article. Let’s get started.

Go SMS Pro MMS Messages Not Working


Launch Settings in your Android phone and then go to Mobile Networks. Now click on the Network Mode and select cdma. Your phone will be rebooted automatically or you can make it reboot manually after changing these settings. That’s it. You will be able send MMS messages on Go SMS Pro.

Changing Size Limit

Open Go SMS app and go to its Settings. Now move over to “General” section and then …read more

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