November 16, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Google Docs was down for over an hour for most users

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Yesterday (Wednesday) Google Docs was down for a little over an hour for what Google says was a “significant subset of users.” Think about all the hundreds of millions of people who use the G Suite Word processor. That is a significant subset of users as Google tries to downplay it, it is still a massive number of people across the globe.

The good thing was the outage was only limited to the Google Docs, other services of G Suite and Drive were functioning as normal. Though the people who were able to access Docs, they seem to work without any problems.

For those of u3s unlucky G Suite users who were unlucky, we were locked out of Docs starting a little after 4 PM ET to a little after 5 PM ET. The little over an hour outage of Docs made headlines and is very surprising given Google is the type of company known to have services with downtimes. It is a rare occurrence, thus the current fuss about it online.

Users affected most are perhaps those in the U.S. as the downtime occurred right in the …read more

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