July 8, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

Google Duplex could soon take over Call Centers and Telemarketing

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At the last Google I/O, the search engine giant introduced to the world its Google Duplex, an artificial intelligence digital assistant that speaks like a human.

Google even went ahead to show how the average person could use the AI assistant for everyday tasks like making reservations among other things. However, it appeared the company was holding off a special card under the table.

It now comes to light, that Google has been working silently (but not secretly) to make Google Duplex smart enough to take over call center and telemarketing functions. Google is working to find various application its smart AI-powered digital assistant with the ability to make conversations like a human find other application for day-to-day tasks.

Google is reported to have sold the idea of Google Duplex being on the other side of the line to answer questions from customers for companies. Though the name of the company Google has approached is yet to be confirmed, it is believed that the company is already working on integrating Google Duplex into its operations.

Speculations around the internet seem to suggest that the said company could be a …read more

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