March 1, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Google exposes Microsoft ‘laziness’ in fixing a serious bug on Edge and IE Browsers

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Project Zero, a division at Google that handles security matters, has published in details the vulnerabilities in Windows 10’s security in the Edge and IE 11 browsers. In a nutshell, Google’s Project Zero claims the browsers have a loophole that could allow remote hackers to crash the browsers and even execute some malicious code.

Apparently, Google reported these findings to Microsoft on November 25. From then, Google had given Microsoft 90 days to act upon the vulnerabilities found in its browsers, before the search engine giant decides to make its revelations public.

Google researcher, Ivan Fratric said in an explanation made on his disclosure that he was reluctant to make the matter public, but from the time they let Microsoft know about the bug. No action has been taken to patch up the bug.

Usually, the Project Zero team gives a 90 days window to companies to patch up any problem(s) they discover on their products. That is a form of responsible disclosure on Project Zero’s part; where they allow you to fix the problem before they go public.

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