May 22, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Google has set some New Punishments for Poorly-Made Apps in Play Store

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Sometimes it doesn’t even matter where you get your apps; even on Google Play Store, not all apps are created equal! There are plenty of apps out there poorly developed making them come with plenty of stability and power efficiency issues.

Naturally, such apps hosted on Google’s platform paints the search engine giant in the wrong picture. For all its worth, the company has tried for a very long time to encourage developers to build high-quality apps. Well, the response from the developer’s communities has not been exactly satisfactory to Google’s standards or the end-consumers’ expectations.

It is also safe to say that Apple cracks the whip more often and is stricter on the quality of apps on its App Store than Google is on its Play Store. That means Android users are more likely to install buggy apps from the Play Store than iOS users are from the App Store.

No doubt Google has been somewhat laxer, which has also played to its advantage in some aspects. Play Store has often attracted more budding developers and sparked off more creativity. However, that has come at the risk …read more

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