July 9, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Google Home calls up the police on Domestic quarreling couples

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If you ever harbored any doubts about the potential of artificial intelligence to screw up your life, this couple’s story will help you make up your opinion once and for all.

So apparently there is this couple that lived outside Albuquerque, New Mexico; Eduardo Barros and his girlfriend. Barros was house-sitting and was accompanied by his girlfriend and their daughter.

One thing led to another, and the couple started fighting. Things got out of control, and Barros pulled a gun on his girlfriend and their daughter. Well, allegedly! Barros caught up in the heat of the moment and in anger asked his girlfriend: “Did you call the sheriffs?”

Those words triggered an action from Google Home the couples were not expecting. When Barros uttered these words; ‘Did you call the sheriffs,’ Google Home picked up ‘call the sheriffs.’

The digital assistant went ahead and dialed 911, and the operator could hear the commotion in the background and sent a dispatch SWAT unit to the address. The SWAT team got to the house and negotiated with Barros to disarm himself and then took him into custody.

The police report says the …read more

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