December 7, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

Google shrinking further the size of App Updates on Android

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If there is one thing we hate to love about our Android smartphones, it is these regular updates. Not that we mind the updates, we understand they keep us safe and sometimes roll in with new features, but they just too damn big. Yes, not as big as when installing the app in the first place, but big enough to make you not want to update while you are on the mobile internet as they will deplete all your data.

Therefore, you find yourself waiting until you have a unmetered internet connection. That is until you get to your workplace Wi-Fi, the internet café, or public Wi-Fi at the restaurant, library, or the airport. However, this could soon be outdated, if the news about Google engineers working on shrinking the size of app updates is realized.

Google engineers are said to be working on a new approach that will radically shrink the size of updates. They are working on a ‘file-by-file’ patching, which will result in patches that are 65% to 90% smaller. The save on data could be enough to sway you into start updating your …read more

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