November 21, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

Google Smart Contact Lenses (Cybernetic) are not year for Test Runs

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The next device in the line of evolution of Google Glass, the Google Smart Contact lenses or Cybernetic Contact lenses if you may, appears would not be ready for testing as enthusiasts were anticipating. Google or rather Alphabet has revealed the disappointing news that the lenses are not yet ready for testing.

Reliable sources from Novartis, the company that has partnered with Alphabet’s division, Verify Life Sciences, says the Google Smart Contact lenses are “too early to say” when the first trial would be conducted. That is according to publication by Engadget.

According to Novartis, the reason why they are nowhere near testing the cybernetic contact lenses is that of a “very technically complex process.” Additionally, both Novartis and Verify Life Sciences are “learning as [they] go along.”

The company is also working on another set of contact lenses that can monitor the user’s blood sugar levels. They are also working on another that resolves the problem of seeing by farsighted people.

When you think about just how little space contact lenses have for embedding pieces of technology in between, then the delay should not be that surprising. Any …read more

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