February 18, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

Google to disable Sites from detecting you’re using Incognito Mode

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When browsing on Chrome under the Incognito Mode, websites should not be able to read your cookies in order to ‘serve you with better-curated content designed to meet your interests.’

Ideally, that is how it should work, but in reality, sites have long found workarounds to establish if you are using Incognito Mode or not. Google has now decided it is time to do something about that; make Incognito Mode Great Again (IMGA).

As things work out currently, Chrome places sandboxes on each open tab, and when you use it in Incognito Mode, there should be an extra layer of security on your data. All cookies and any other locally-stored data on your browsing history should end immediately you end a session. That also includes your browsing history, but like we said, we need IMGA since sites have long found a workaround.

The Google Incognito Mode Fix

In 2010, Google introduced the FileSystem API, which allows websites to create their own virtual file systems for reading and writing local data. This feature never quite took off as most mainstream browsers did not warm up to it.

To this date, it …read more

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