August 27, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Happy Birthday Hashtag – # founded August 23rd, 2007 ten years ago

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You definitely know of the hashtag (#) and probably use it every day, if not every hour, but do you know the man who came up with it and when? Well, the # was started by Chris Messina, a former engineer at Google and Uber, back in 2007.

At the time, Messina’s friends in San Francisco were complaining of getting too much feeds on their Twitter with messages about the South by Southwest conference. They were not even the least bit interested in those messages, at the same time, it made them work to get the messages they were really interested in.

It is during that time that they pondered on the idea of creating a platform where they could go to get useful information. A sort of filter separating the noise from the news they are really after. Messina thought of coming up with a signal that lets users with common interest communicate under it, which will separate their tweets from the rest.

Suggestions were being given here and there, one of which was creating a forum where users interested in a certain topic could go …read more

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