December 12, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

Here’s How You Can Purchase Your Favorite African Groceries in the U.S.

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Visionary Entrepreneur Series: Innov8tiv presents the best and brightest early stage entrepreneurs from Tiphub’s Diaspora Demo Summit. Tiphub is a mentorship driven accelerator that supports early stage businesses and social impact ventures in Africa and the African Diaspora.

After listening to friends complain about their struggles to find conveniently located African and Caribbean groceries in the United States, Boyede Sobitan and Fola Dada launched OjaExpress, a web and mobile application delivering groceries to your doorstep. “Immigrants have to go out of their way to find foods from their home country,” says CEO/Co-Founder Boyede Sobitan.59% of ethnic American consumers go to three or more grocery stores regularly in order to find the full product selection they are looking for and some are even forced to use poor substitutes or change their dietary habits completely. “Even foodies, don’t know where to go to recreate the dish they ate at their favorite restaurant during their Caribbean vacation. Even if they did, they are mystified by the options that are present at ethnic grocery stores. My co-founder and I also discovered there were no same day or next …read more

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