June 9, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Here’s Why High IQ People Are Not Rich and Have Less Powerful Positions

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Almost daily we come across high IQ people who don’t have a high achievement graph. They are all around us. They have high-IQ, they figure out stuff in a jiffy. They have a prescient outlook in life. They speak and write with excellence. They have off-the-charts common sense. And yet they aren’t financially stable. They don’t have power in the society. They crib and implode. They even fail to get excellent grades in college.

We are also aware of low-IQ, shallow, pretty ordinary folks who are rich and socially dominant.

Turns out there is a pretty low correlation between income and IQ.

In fact, history shows that most of the higher IQ people were penniless. People like Albert Camus, Albert Einstein. Nicola Tesla, Søren Kierkegaard lived most of their lives sad, broke and powerless.

It seems scientists have finally figured this sad reality out. A new research shows that IQ has almost nothing to do with being rich, at least in the modern society.

If IQ doesn’t have any weightage in the financial equation, what on earth does? The answer: conscientiousness. Don’t get spooked out by this term. Conscientiousness means …read more

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