September 17, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Hidden Google Drive features that only Power Users know about

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For some (myself, included) life without the clouds seems impossible. I can’t imagine how people back in the days had to make do without the clouds. Well, none of us can make do completely without the clouds (those up in the sky), but in this context, I am talking about the network of servers that allows us store/retrieve files remotely across multiple devices.

Over the years, I have picked up some few hidden (well, not hidden, but not so obvious) tricks on Google Drive, that I bet most people don’t know about. Without much further blurb, let me share some of these tricks:

Turning on Quick Access: It is a relatively new feature on Google Drive that lets you view more recently modified/viewed files. Quick Access gives you a belt of thumbnails accessible at the top of My Drive view. You turn on this feature by going to Settings > Quick Access, the check on the checkbox that reads, Make relevant files handy when you need them. Then simply refresh the page.

Instead of sending File Attachments in Emails, Send links from your Google Drive: It is not …read more

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