November 8, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

Hinge, the Dating App for people who don’t like Dating Apps

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Hinge is a relatively new dating app that seems to be beating the competition and claims that 75% of dates on the platform lead to second dates. It sounds promising right? Like it is the super AI that matches you with your perfect soul-mate.

Background to Hinge

If you are new to Hinge, here is a little run down on what the app is all about. This app was launched in 2012, just about the same time Tinder was launched. Back then, both apps were more or less the same thing. All a user had to do, was to swipe through so many profiles until they get to one interests them; though Hinge connected users with friends of friends on Facebook.

It quickly becomes apparent that only one in out of 500 swipes on Hinge led to an exchange of phone numbers. So the people behind the platform sat down to re-strategize and make people more actively engaged with each other; which can be seen by the users exchanging phone numbers more frequently.

So in 2015, the rebranded as an app for individuals looking to forge a serious relationship …read more

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