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How and When do I watch today’s Microsoft Xbox E3 2018 press conference?

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Today, April 10, is a big day for the gamers’ community. Especially for gamers who kill the bad guys, outrace the cops and other drivers in Microsoft’s Xbox gaming console. Today, Microsoft is holding its Xbox E3 2018 press conference, and just like last year’s conference, we anticipate some big announcement.

If you are not in Los Angeles (or won’t/can’t attend even if you were), you can still catch the conference live from anywhere in the world. Of course, you can, we’re in the 21st century, but more on the ‘how’ a little bit later.

At last year’s E3 conference, Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One X, so there is not much expectation for the launch of a new gaming console. Instead, we are expecting the unveiling of new software feature for the Xbox gaming consoles currently in the market.

There might be big announcements in the established franchise like Gears of War and Halo among other exclusive titles. [FYI – compared to Sony PlayStation, Microsoft’s Xbox console has been seriously lacking in exclusive titles].

The E3 2018 conference kicks off at 1PM PT/ 4PM ET on Sunday, June 10, …read more

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