June 15, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

How do I add Website Shortcut to my iPhone Home Screen?

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Many times we have heard the phrase ‘there’s an app for that’ being used, one would be forgiven for thinking you can find an app for just about everything under the Sun. Then again, it begs the question, do you really want to put so many apps on your phone?

Well, today’s trick is for iPhone users who have come across this really great site (which does not have an app version), and they are just tired of having to launch their browser app, dig into their bookmarks, or type the URL each time they want to visit the site.

Adding a website app to your iPhone Home Screen

For those sites that don’t have an app version, or if you are simply not interested in installing any more apps on your iPhone. Here’s a trick to put the website as an app (shortcut) on your home screen.

Launch your Safari browser

Type in the URL in the address bar and navigate to the site

Make sure you visit the exact page you will want saved on your home screen

At the bottom of the page (on your Safari browser) tap on …read more

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