November 19, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

How GitLab made $10.5 million with every employee working from home


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GitLab is a company that makes tools for software developers. You might have not heard about it, I certainly haven’t until just recently and you might probably confuse it for GitHub. But this company is a classic Silicon Valley story. A tech startup moves to the Bay Area to set up shop, gets a plan of action, and turn into a big and profitable tech company.

Well, much of that story seems to be adding up, except for the fact that GitLab has very few employees coming to the office. No, leave that! Very few GitLab employees actually line in Silicon Valley. All of the employees work from home; or as might be called within a close circle I know, telecommuting to work.

Currently, the company has 350 employees from across 45 countries around the world. The typical workday in this company is filled with video calls and Slack chats. The employees stay constantly connected online. The employees work with synergy so well remotely that the company revenue hit $10.5 million in 2017. A 6213% growth from the $165,000 it made in 2014. It also received a …read more

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