July 28, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

How Google is making the Internet work for Africa

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Search engine giant writes in a blog post, by the 2034 (less than two decades) the largest workforce (1.1 billion) in the world will be living in Africa. However, the continent is producing only 3-4 million jobs per year. That means, left unchecked, Africa’s unemployment level will sky rocket to unprecedented levels.

Google, having made its fortune from the internet, understands there are a lot of untapped opportunities online for masses in Africa. Putting money where its mouth is, Google is on a mission to arm, especially the youths, with the digital skills they need to leverage on the fast growing digital market across the continent.

Yesterday at Google for Nigeria event held in Lagos, the company announced the progress they have made so far with their products and services to drive digital inclusion in Nigeria. The company also outlined programs and initiatives it has started to support startups across Africa.

One Million Youth Training in Digital Skills for Africa

In 2016, Google started Digital Skills for Africa training program. This initiative is aimed at bridging the digital skills gap in Africa, and the company is targeting to train …read more

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