June 10, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

How Mobile Devices Provide Content For Foodies

How Mobile Devices Provide Content For Foodies

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According to Mobile Marketer, “the average smartphone user consistently has only about 26 apps on their device at any given time”.

Because of this, it is necessary for marketers to strive to be one of these 26 mobile applications on a customer’s phone simply because there’s a higher chance of obtaining their undivided attention when you want to provide current news on your product or services. While mobile applications are convenient for customers especially for services like money or bank transactions, these apps are also used for direct marketing – it is an opportunity for brands and products to communicate to the customer with a lot more intention so as to provide a better personal experience that could lead to better customer retention.

For the food and beverage industry this concept is especially so, now that customers are entirely dependent on their mobile devices to carry out an average of 221 tasks every day, that is according to American Mail online. Many customers who are on the go use the convenience of ordering their meals using the Hellofood mobile app that displays all the menus …read more

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