September 19, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

How Not to Deplete your 16GB/32GB Internal Memory on your Smartphone

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These days, your smartphone is your primary hub for news, information, entertainment, banking, learning … well, I could go on and on. All thanks to the ever increasing processor power, bigger, brighter, high-resolution displays for the mobile phones.

However, you will soon realize even these large internal memory specs on the high-end smartphones of 16GB and 32GB are easy to get depleted and fast. You have your high pixels pictures, HD video recordings, numerous songs playlist including both videos and MP3s, and documents you can access while on the go.

We have our data, in our phones and sometimes if feels painful to have to delete them. A situation we all face whenever we are running out of room for more internal storage. That said, the following are various recommendations that will help you economically use those 16GB or 32GB internal memory on your smartphone:

Reduce the Photo Pixels: You should know that the higher the pixels on your phone’s camera, the better the quality and bigger size you photo will become. Objectively speaking, most people do not need to take pictures with phone camera higher than 8MP; …read more

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