November 3, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

How technology can improve Healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa

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Did you know that 13% of the world’s population lives in sub-Saharan Africa? That is not such a big number, comparatively speaking, right? Again, do you know that 24% of the global disease burden falls in this region, yet sub-Saharan Africa has only 2% of the doctors in the world?

So what is the cause of all these? It is somewhat straightforward, there very little investment in healthcare services across the sub-Saharan Africa. Experts put the investment shortage estimates at somewhere between $25-$30 billion to satisfy the demand for healthcare services in the region.

However, with digital technology, provision of healthcare services can go a long way, with significantly reduced costs. Digital solutions can bolster healthcare access and services across Africa at a fraction of the cost.

Already, most countries across the sub-Saharan Africa have a high level of mobile penetration (85%), while internet penetration is rising. Already some African countries have come up with innovative ways they can leverage on mobile phones and the internet to mitigate shortages in the healthcare service delivery.

Take South Africa, for instance, where digital healthcare service delivery is increasing with the uptake …read more

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