November 3, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

How the Internet is disrupting Business and Governance across Africa

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The world is increasingly becoming online; in the sense that many things you needed to do physically can now be done remotely and online. Africa, as a continent, is probably in the infancy stages of advanced high-speed internet penetration. Already, a major paradigm shift has been witnessed in the way people socialize, do business, and government conducts its affairs.

The Good

Government services have come close to the citizens. People can now apply for their driving license, business permits, file their tax returns and other government services. The digitized online process of public services has also reduced the level of corruption perpetrated by government employees meant to serve the people. As citizens pay for and access services online, there is reduced chances of a public servant to ask for a bribe first to serve the citizens.

Additionally, businesses have found new, faster, and cheaper avenues to market and sell their commodities. You only need to take a look at the number of online malls coming up like Jumia, Killimall, and Konga among others to see that. It is now easier for businesses to put up ads on Facebook, …read more

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